Why do I need testing?

A properly functioning HVAC system relies on numerous parts and components. Even a single issue can greatly impact comfort, performance, and efficiency. Each component plays a crucial role, and any malfunction or inefficiency can noticeably affect your comfort and energy usage. It is essential to ensure all parts are in good working order for optimal system performance.

What kind of test is this?

Our complete system evaluation offers a comprehensive assessment of your HVAC system. We test all system components to provide you with accurate data and insights. The evaluation includes:

  1. Testing of the furnace: We thoroughly evaluate the performance and efficiency of your furnace.

  2. Air conditioner testing (if present): If you have an air conditioner, we assess its functioning and efficiency.

  3. Ducting evaluation: Our experts examine the ductwork to identify any issues or leaks that may affect airflow and efficiency.

  4. Insulation assessment: We inspect the insulation to ensure proper coverage and energy efficiency.

  5. Attic inspection: Our evaluation includes an inspection of the attic to check for any potential issues or areas impacting your system's performance.

By conducting this complete system evaluation, we gather valuable information to guide you in making informed decisions about your HVAC system and ensure optimal performance, energy efficiency, and comfort.

Similar to how a doctor checks your blood pressure to assess your overall health, we utilize static pressure to evaluate the health of your HVAC system. Static pressure measurements provide valuable insights into the stress your unit is experiencing. We provide you with an easy-to-read report that details the precise level of stress on your system. This information allows you to better understand the condition of your HVAC unit and make informed decisions regarding its maintenance and performance.

Airflow Test / Duct Inspection

Proper airflow is essential for HVAC systems. Inadequate or excessive airflow can cause premature system failure. By testing the ducting system for leakage and ensuring proper sizing, we address issues related to temperature inconsistencies, efficiency, longevity, and potential health risks. This assessment ensures your HVAC system operates efficiently and safely.

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