What is the HVAC Professor

This idea came about during Tyler’s years as a selling technician. In his discussions with homeowners often they didn’t trust the previous technicians. They felt they were in the beginning stages of replacement but pressured to buy now and most felt the information presented about their system was more like a sales pitch than the truth about the condition of their system and what needs to be done. After his visit, many clients felt well informed but blinded by the dollar amount, and most ended up making the wrong decisions (because they shopped with their wallet instead of their brain). The main issue is that they thought they were buying a similar product or service at a better price than a competitor, which was never the case. Unfortunately, the outcome resorted to them spending more time and money having me return to identify the issues and offer solutions to get their new system functioning correctly.

What is the point?

Long story short, had they not focused so much on the price (which does matter) rather than the presented information, they would have made a better final decision. So there it is, we chose to remove the sales all together. As your HVAC consultant, our goal is to help homeowners understand the needs of their homes and how they should invest in their HVAC projects—ultimately getting a properly working system and a great return on


Why take the Professors course?

That’s an easy one! We offer system testing to help you understand how your current HVAC system performs, along with repair or replacement information. As our name states, this is an educational process for the homeowner. Helping you better understand how your system is working, the issues you may not know exist, and how to correct them. We do all of this without you ever feeling pressured to buy anything. Earning your trust with proof, all we ask is that you join us to watch, listen and learn.

Lessons to be learned

We like to take a more educative and informative approach with a highly educated background in HVAC system diagnostics and system design. By testing your equipment and going over the results together, you will understand your system, how it works, the amount of energy it is using, and why it may not be up to par. Most homeowners don’t realize all of the problems their system faces or where to begin with fixing them. We will work together at your pace to help keep you and your family comfortable.

About the Owner

Tyler Best operates the HVAC Professor. Finding his passion in HVAC and helping homeowners with their comfort needs led to a 10-year career as a top-selling technician and eventually sales manager. Through years of certifications, learning today's technology, and working at some of SoCal's top companies, he has helped thousands of families, from simple repairs to replacing complex systems. Branching off on his own with the simple idea of educating homeowners so they feel more informed on their comfort needs, the HVAC Professor came to life.

Tyler Best


Testing Technician

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