The Curriculum

A quick overview of the visit

approx 2 hours

Chapter 1

The Introduction

Discuss common issues and concerns before testing

Chapter 2

System Evaluation

Gather all visible data on equipment for testing

Chapter 3

HVAC 101

Getting you familiar with how an HVAC works

Chapter 4

Current Equipment

Getting acquainted with your current system

Chapter 5

Static Pressure Test Results

Covers current systems static pressure

Chapter 6


Analyzing the existing ducting system and any issues due to leaks, damage, or sizing

Chapter 7

The Attic

Information about the condition of your attic, insulation, ventilation, etc.

Chapter 8

Repairs / Corrections

Discuss any options related to correcting the existing system

Chapter 9

Maintenance / Service Plans

Helping select the right bi-annual services

Chapter 10


Getting you familiar with todays HVAC options

Chapter 11

Indoor Air Quality

Touches on filtration and available air cleaners

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